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Vertical Tamper Series 62.05

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THE PERFECT solution for correcting so-called running surface level errors.

Safety of the railway is a top priority for all railway construction and operating companies. A critical factor for this is the track geometry. Deviations from the nominal geometry caused by level errors jeopardise regular railway operation and result in restricted speed sections or even line closures.

The vertical tamper series from ROBEL is THE PERFECT solution for correcting so-called running surface level errors. 

The individual models compact the ballast bed under the sleeper optimally. The ROBEL vertical tamping principle enables outstanding interlocking of the ballast resulting in a permanently stable track geometry. 

Apart from economic and operational efficiency of these products another central consideration in the development of the vertical tamper series was the human factor. The 2-level vibration decoupling developed and patented by ROBEL reduces the hand-arm vibration to a minimum. In addition to that the low weight of all models also goes easy on the operator. In other words, the track operator experiences ergonomic and comfortable work.

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Vertical Tamper 62.05Vertical Tamper 62.05

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